My first map for CS:GO

Armory is the first CS:GO level that I developed from scratch and properly detailed to match the official game quality. Prior to working on it, I experimented with different concepts to make sure I properly understood the game mechanics and basic level design rules.

As with any level, I first began with drawing the layout on paper before converting it to a digital version. At this stage, I was very much focused on balancing the number of available pathways for each team. Having too few will put more pressure, but limit strategy. Having too many will make the gameplay too chaotically.

It was now time to create my concept in the map editor and get it tested in-game. I have done several playtests and learned a lot from the feedback I received and iterated the layout after each playtest. I have bumped into many (logical) gameplay-related problems and learned a lot from that such as timings, chokepoints, sightlines, angles, and usage of space.

The Slavic civilians have been suppressed by their government for over many years. Some stood up and tried to riot their oppressors, but without success. A small network of rebellions has been formed in the shadows of the city. They are driven to make long term plans to fight back. Their current objective is to sabotage the transport routes into the city by blowing up the main train rail (B) or the carrier unloading point at the docks (A). 

This map wasn't perfect, but at least I learned a lot and used this knowledge to improve myself as a Level Designer.

Below is a video of one of the playtests when the map was called 'de_lab'.


Feedback starts at 33:40

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