I have created Moonshine to explore a new map editor (Far Cry 5 Arcade) and to get more known with the open-world game mode Far Cry supports. Moonshine is located in the Vietnam jungle where you spawn as a prisoner inside a hostile camp. You will have to go in stealth mode, eliminating three targets and then escape the camp safely. You can either play it on solo or coop mode.


I have created three main routes to choose from. The player(s) will spawn uphill at the center in one of the houses being imprisoned. They will face an idling guard which is easy to take down. Afterward, the player will be free to look around, spot new enemies, and choose a path to follow. The majority of players usually picked the uphill camp to the left since it is closer and contains one of the three targets. Here, the player can gather more gear and reach a new vantage point from where they can plan their next move towards the center of the map. The secondary camp is larger by design and thus contains more enemies, including the other two targets.

My goal was to design a level that increases the necessary skill level as the player progresses through the environment. View the video above to see a playthrough:

By creating this map I have learned how to use terrain tools to shape the environment, paint textures and foliage, add AI and gameplay mechanics to create interesting gameplay elements that fit a solo/coop stealth game mode.

©2019 by Roald van der Scheur.