a work in progress

Resistance is my most recent project and still is a Work In Progress. Its a map set in a old fictional eastern european city right next to the docks. One bombsite is located near the docks and train track where they import and export weapons and attileries. The other bombsite is located below a bridge next to the residential area.

The story behind the map is a country which is occupied by their enemy and there is a resistance growing from a group of local citizens. The locals secretly import and export weapons and give home to soldiers in the residential area. The area is remoted from the city center and is secured by barbedwire fences, thick walls and cameras. 

I have personally worked on the Level Design on this map and created a high detailed greybox which is formed by many playtests. The playtests have been a succes which made me decide to work on the enviorment art and have two enviorment artists (and 3D/2D artists) work along with me. 


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