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Military Conflict: Vietnam

MCV is a First Person Shooter that takes place in the Vietnam War era and is designed in the Source Engine. The game supports several game modes such as (Team) Deathmatch, Gungame, Capture The Flag, Conquest & Demolition. This map was mostly designed for the Conquest game mode while keeping the other game modes in mind. In the Conquest game mode each team has to capture flags (Capture Points) and hold them to drain down the enemy their tickets. 



Slums was something I started by own. I always wanted to create an organic map that allows some kind of parkour element where you can run over roofs and jump on/off structures and have quick movement throughout the map with some cool connections all around. Something that is inspired by these Favela kind of maps, but in Vietnam style.  ​


Pathing and Positioning

The USP for this map is the verticallity, the organic shapes and routings and the abillity to quickly move around.


The map clearly has three main routes for each team where they initially reach the central Capture Point (CP) or the one closer to their spawn (A or C). When taking a initial route the player has multiple decisions he could make in order to reach one of these two points. Some routes will directly take you to the points (fastest) while others take longer, but are safer and/or could give a flanking possibility or provide a early vantage point near the CP to support your team from.


The many possibilities give a nice dynamic to the map without it being overwhelming for the player. Most paths are straight forward and allows the player to keep an eye on where they are going. The map is visually seperated in the poor lower area near the river transfering to a more middle class area on the higher ground. This helps the player to orientate and navigate through the map without losing sight of where he is and wants to go. 

Many vantage positions around each CP allows players to take control over the point and defend it and wait for reinforcements. There are always vantage points facing eachother to counter the enemy. They support both agressive & passive gameplay and has oppertunities for every weapon type. 

The CP's are placed in a triangle that allows for a dynamic frontline where a team either plays for the central CP (B) and the one closest to their spawn (A or C) or they decide to take control of the lower part by capturing point A & C instead. The routings are build in a way a player can always circle around between the three points and keep playing for the objectives. Each spawn point has vantage positions that are just designed for them to regain control in the map and not easily be spawnkilled.

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