A great understanding of FPS gameplay mechanics

When Valve added the new Wingman game mode for CS:GO I immediately rolled up my sleeves and began to think of a fun 'out of the box' map. After all, coming up with interesting gameplay scenarios is what I like the most about Level Design.

For Station, I designed a two-layer layout with a lot of thoughts behind it. Since it’s a 2 vs 2 game mode I hoped to create something simple but dynamic at the same time. The bombsite had to be something interesting and what’s better than blowing up a pillar right below an actual train station?

The idea behind the design was to have just two main routes that split into multiple paths if the attacking team succeeds to push back the defending team (by killing en enemy/using tactical grenades). This also encourages the defending team to play a bit more aggressive in order to retain map control.

I have thought a lot about timings, sightlines, contact points, rotations, and map flow. I wanted to create something more interesting than most CS:GO maps and use diagonal angles and make use of more open spaces. The map is still in need of some polishing, but since I am responsible for the Level Design part I would love to show you my work already.


I could explain to you a lot about this map myself and the gameplay mechanics, but rather show you the review on my greybox version by known CS:GO community mapper FMPONE (video below starts at 22:26).

Also SlickShotGames reviewed the map afther the art pass by Untor Morozov: see the second video

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