Far Cry 5, Town

'Town' is a zombie survival map made in the FC5 Arcade editor. It is basically an inverted 'Outpost' map where you have to defend a small barricaded town against waves of zombies. 

I have chosen to create a very small playable area which is shown on the overview picture below. This forces the player to stay in one area while getting surrounded by many hungry zombies. This makes the gameplay to be very fast-paced and challenging. 

The challenge is to maneuver through the town, keep moving, keep killing and keep gathering (limited) ammo/health pickups to stay alive. Most (respawning) pickups are located at the spawn, which is the most vulnerable area on the map and on the rooftops which become very vulnerable when spending too much time on it.  

©2019 by Roald van der Scheur.