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My first step on becoming a Level Designer

I have been creating CS:GO maps for about 2 years before I decided to apply and join a mod team for the position of being a Level Designer. I have applied on joining the Pirates Vikings and Knights II (PVKII) development team and they assigned me to revamp their classic map Desertruin. PVKII is a FPS multiplayer source mod where three teams fight against eachother.

The game support different gamemodes and Desertruin was build for the gamemode Trinket War. Its a team-deathmatch gamemode where each team have to protect their teammember holding the Trinket. When a team kills the enemy holding the Trinket, their tickets will lower with -1 and when a team reaches 0 tickets they will win the game. The player holding the Trinket will generate +health for him and his teammates close by. So its not justsimply killing eachother, but also having a objective on who to kill and who to protect/stay close too.

The map is originally created by yeehaw and afther that Latteh did a start on revamping the map. It never got finished so I decided to rework the entire map based on the original map. I have created a more clean look that provides better optimisation for a smoother gameplay and overall easier navigation. I had the chance to work together with Phonebooth who made most of the textures, model skins and some models. It was great to work with other developers and test the map together and revine it.

I didn't had alot of freedom on the gameplay part, but really enjoyed on thinking how I could improve the existing layout in sense of vissibility, pathflow, optimisation, chokepoints and seightlines. I feel like all these things came pretty natural to me and I haven't took long on finished this map. It was very nice to colaborate in a team, to have a hard working partner to work with and to use existing assets/ideas and make a whole new piece out of it. Afther creating this map I feld I am not only confidend in doing Level Design, but also being worthy of working on the enviorment art of a map and detail it into something beautifull.

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